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Hello team Choirs!

I have a handful of exciting thing to highlight and thought here (Sideboard in Danville) and now (7:23 PM Sunday night) would be a good time to say whatsup!

We’ve sold out of our first order of EP’s (except for iTunes. Haven’t sold out on iTunes yet) and we couldn’t be more grateful. Right now about 200 people have purchased our EP and we just wanted to say THANK YOU!  Thanks for your continual support. We’ve got a long year ahead of us. To start it off, we’re announcing our first hometown headliner show!

slider Red House Feb

If you haven’t already noticed from the subtle banners on our various social media and web presences, our first show is this Thursday the 21st at Red House in Walnut Creek We would love for you to be there. We’d love for you to be there so much so that if you pre-order a ticket, we’ll give you a free download of our EP Colors of Burning Bridges at the door.  You can pre-order our tickets by following this link.

We’ve been getting some pretty regular radio play from our friends over at Live 105 due to your guys requests. Give yourself a round of applause. Not because of the radio play but because you’re super. Now give yourself a pat on the back for helping us get played on the radio.

Our other friends (we have a lot of friends) over at Pure Grain Audio have made one of our songs available for free download. Here’s a free download of Can’t Stop because we love you guys.

Download Can’t Stop for free!


Thank you guys as usual. Here’s to more of the future. We’ll see you on Thursday!


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